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    Troop 507 Kenosha, WI

  • Who We Are

    Troop 507 was originally chartered on back in 1911. Our troop is inter-denominational, welcoming boys from every faith, race, and background.

    Visit Us

    Troop 507 meets on Monday evenings at 7 o'clock pm in the

    Scout Room in the basement of the Strenski Center building. St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church is our Chartered Organization



    If you wish to come to any meeting, please CONTACT US

  • What can you expect?

    We participate in weekly meetings and monthly outdoor activities which have included camping, hiking, skiing, canoeing, biking, and community service projects.

    How can you join?

    If you are a boy, eleven to seventeen years old and live in or around Kenosha, we invite you to come and visit Troop 507. If you are an Arrow of Light Scout, we invite you to visit our troop and consider joining us when you crossover.

  • Our History

    How Troop 507 came to be

    Kenosha and Scouting

    The first Boy Scout Troop in Kenosha was the Otter Patrol of the First Congregational Church which was organized on January 5, 1911. This Troop was later assigned the title Troop 7 when in 1917, the Kenosha Council was formed and later changed to 507 when the Kenosha Council merged with the Racine Council.


    By December of 1917, there were 9 Boy Scout Troops in Kenosha:

    Troop 1 chartered to Frank School

    Troop 2 chartered to St. James Church

    Troop 3 chartered to Frank School

    Troop 4 chartered to Bain School

    Troop 5 chartered to Lincoln School

    Troop 6 chartered to the Chamber of Commerce (also called the Southport Troop)

    Troop 7 chartered to the First Congregational Church

    Troop 8 chartered to Columbus School

    Troop 9 chartered to Wieskopf School

    Camp Ohdakota

    Camp Oh-da-ko-ta was a gift of Charles Nash. In 1929, Nash purchased 73 acres on Dyer lake and placed it in trust for the Kenosha Council. Oh-da-ko-ta is a Sioux indian name meaning "Friendly", which had been the camp site named at previous rented camps. The dining hall, pump house and 9 sleeping cabins were built the first year.


    For more history of the Boy Scouts of America and Troop 507 see here

  • Eagle's Nest


    Of all scouts make Eagle

  • adult Leadership

    Chad Buchanan


    Diana Ness / Andy Radovan

    Co-Committee Chairs

    Robert Loomis

    Assistant Scoutmaster

    Bethany Hiitola

    Fundraising Chair

    Garry Musselman

    Assistant Scoutmaster

    Armando Quintero

    Assistant Scoutmaster

    Steve Osmanski

    Assistant Scoutmaster

    Terry Williams

    Assistant Scoutmaster

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    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let us know

    7117 14th Ave, Kenosha, WI 53143
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